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We greatly appreciate the patronage supported from all clients.
OMEYA Technology is established at 1988 by a team of engineers in Taiwan. We have accumulated a great abound of manufacturing experience and specialized techniques for many years. Through our conscientious efforts and steady progress during the trial and hardships in the past years, we have continually expanded our business and have become one of the top manufacturers in wire and cable manufacturing machinery. We are experts at designing and manufacturing high quality of machines (Drawing Machine, Stranding Machine, Extrusion Line, etc.). With professional knowledge, skillful techniques and excellent service, OMEYA definitely has the ability to make a brighter future for clients.
  • We always strive to offer superior quality at competitive prices and excellent service.
  • We assist customers in reducing cost while increasing competitiveness.
  • We have confidence that our machines are not hard to operate and convenient to maintain.
  • We design and customize machines to fulfill each customer's requirements.
  • We are absolutely dedicated to your success because your completion will be our achievement.

  • Let your spirit and soul soar through the sky.



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  • 誠意をもってことにあたり、技術を軸に高精度な製品を追求します。
  • 人へ、世界へ、クリエイティブな製品とサービスを具現化します。

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